/ Kwong Von Glinow



Tower within a Tower

1st Prize Winner
Hong Kong Pixel Homes
Challenge 2017

What: Multi-Unit Housing

Size: Varies

Status: Concept 2017

Team: Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow, Kevin Lamyuktseung

Description: Towers within a Tower brings Hong Kong’s urban verticality into the apartment units themselves. High-rise living, the twentieth century’s solution to urbanization on an unprecedented scale, has been a double-edged sword to cities: witness the wane of residential communities within the pancake stacks of apartments. Is the tower the antithesis of community? We think otherwise. Towers within a Tower is an alternate Tower typology that uses verticality to the benefit of community. Apartment spaces - the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, study - hitherto inhabited as cells in a horizontal field, are instead stacked one atop the other. Each apartment thus becomes its own Tower. Aggregated within a structural 5mx5m grid, these Towers curate a common space within their fold, a local neighborhood at every level. Each resident can rightfully lay the claim “That’s my tower” without sacrificing community.

View of Towers within a Tower in Hong Kong’s urban field of towers.

Diagram of horizontal apartment units transformed into vertical apartment units.

The Tower Units: Studio Unit, 1-Bedroom Unit, and Family Unit (from left to right).

Aggregation of Tower Units next to other Tower Units

View of Towers within a Tower in Hong Kong’s urban context.

Shared circulation for residents to access their Tower Unit.

An open and light-filled access with a central, light-filled core.

Towers within a Tower in the Hong Kong mountain village.

Plan of an eight unit Tower within a Tower