/ Kwong Von Glinow



In the Loop:
ADA Ramp

What: ADA Ramp

Where: San Antoni, TX

Size: 1,600 sf

Client: San Antonio City Hall

Status: Concept 2017

Team: Team: Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow, Chieh Chih Chiang, Winee Lau; in collaboration with Kevin Lamyuktseung and Hal Wuertz

Description: In the Loop is an an ADA accessible ramp that also serves as a gathering space for all to enjoy at San Antonio’s City Hall. In the Loop comprises three ADA accessible ramps that ascend 6-and-a-half feet over three runs to reach San Antonio’s City Hall Entrance from Plaza de Armas. A staircase occupies the fourth run, completing the loop. The ramp and the stair converge at City Hall’s common landing, creating an entrance for all. A grand circular opening, framed by the ramps and the stair of the loop, hosts community activities under the shade of a grand oak tree. In the Loop is a lightweight structure that can be deployed at different sites with minimum on-site construction.

Accessible entrance onto ADA ramp.

The ramp ramps encircles a gathering space for visitors of San Antonio’s City Hall.

View of the ramp as it ascends toward the City Hall’s main entrance.

Frontal view of City Hall.

Informal gathering space in front of City Hall.

Diagram of component circulation parts.

Plan with central gathering space.