The Storage T

What: Apartment Remodel

Where: Hong Kong, China

Size: 1,500 sf

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Kwong

Status: Expected completion by summer 2019

Team: Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow

Description: “Clean and tidy” was the only instruction from our client. The status quo was not clean and tidy: Cabinets, wardrobes, mismatched storage cabinets and boxes scattered all over the apartment. The Storage “T” consolidates all these in a storage system that is one with walls and doorways: Storage becomes architecture. Rather than rely on part-to-whole storage products, the “Storage T” is an architectural device organizing the layout and contents of the apartment. Experienced, the Storage T unites the apartment through a series of thresholds, marking the entrance to and from each room.

Storage T Model

Model for first client presentation.

Storage T before and after

Left: Before; Right: After

Storage T Model

View down the Storage T.

Storage T Rendering 1

Access to master bedroom with private bathroom.

Storage T Rendering 2

Second Bedroom with view down the Storage T.

Storage T Rendering 3

Multi-Use room as guest bedroom or study.

Storage T Rendering 4

View down the Storage T with access to each of the rooms.