The Primitive Pavilion

What: Pavilion

Where: Hong Kong, China

Size: 1,600 sf

Client: West Kowloon Cultural Park

Status: Cpncept 2017

Team: Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow
Chieh Chih Chiang, Winee Lau

Description: The Primitive Pavilion sets one triangle and two squares upon three circles to create a free-flowing space in West Kowloon’s Cultural District. A deep roofscape, composed of primary shapes intersecting one another, casts a kaleidoscope of color and light upon on a soft landscape surfaced with recycled rubber. Five columns supporting these intersections curate a wide range of activities, from community workshops to group exercises. For large scale events, the open plan allows audiences to spill over to the lawn and plaza. A kit-of-parts construction allows its six primary geometries to be reassembled efficiently in other locations across Hong Kong. Its programmatic flexibility coupled with material longevity ensures that the Primitive Pavilion will continue to create enjoyable public spaces far beyond its original lifespan.

Primitive Pavilion Rendering

View of pavilion with stage backdrop.

Primitive Pavilion Model

Flexible Programming

Primitive Pavilion Rendering

Roof shading during morning Thai Chi.

Primitive Pavilion Rendering

Side entrance from Nursery Park.

Primitive Pavilion Rendering

Evening performance in Tthe park.

Primitive Pavilion Plan

Plan with various activities.

Primitive Pavilion Model

Structural study model.

Primitive Pavilion Rendering

Second Life within the M+ Museum Lobby.