Situated on Canal Street Triangle in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the Chinatown Gateway greets visitors with a unique circular form - the universal symbol of inclusion and harmony.


A staple of Chinese architecture, the Moon Gate serves as both a gateway and a window. The Chinatown Gateway scales the traditional passage for a single visitor up to a gateway for an entire neighborhood.


Standing 45’ tall, the circular archway transforms the traditional paifangs (or gateways) that greet visitors to Chinatowns around the world into a unique form - the universal symbol of inclusion and harmony.


The familiar form of the Chinese Moon Gate captures within its circular frame a lush urban landscape and the commotion of community.


At the intersection of many converging paths, the Chinatown Gateway sitting on the urban triangular site connects the neighborhoods together.


Nestled within the Gateway is public seating for forty visitors, a performance space, and an urban garden with five gingko trees.


Balancing respect for Chinese design heritage and serving an expanded role as a marker for Lower Manhattan, the new Chinatown Gateway captures the ever-changing streetscapes within its portal.