The 3-Families House is a co-housing community in the rapidly developing city of Shaoxing, China.


With a traditional gable roof that splits in two, the house forms a dialogue with the surrounding complex urban roofscape.


Surrounded by a dense field of small single family homes, the split gable roof holds housing for three individual families and a neighborhood daycare center.


The section dynamically changes to uniquely accommodate the three families - creating both communal areas and private spaces.


The house is comprised of three distinct layers of program: a daycare on the ground floor; a communal dining area with private kitchens on the second level; and, each of the family’s bedrooms on level three.


A large horizontal opening along the long side of the house gives expansive views of the surrounding neighborhood roofscape.


On the ground level, the 3-Families House provides an public outdoor space for the neighborhood underneath its large cantilever in addition to a community daycare center.


Level 2 holds shared communal spaces for the three families: a communal dining table, urban gardens, and relaxation nooks, in addition to private kitchens for each family.


Shifting bedrooms on the third floor separate the three living units from each other. A central light-filled atrium bring light and air to each of the bedrooms and views down to the community area below.


The structure accommodates a diversity of programs and inhabitants within a single form.


The split gable roof atrium sectionally connections the private bedroom suites of Level 3 with the communal areas of Level 2.