House, Some of This, Some of That is designed through the reinvention of borrowed architectural tropes: from the free plan to the raumplan.


A series of T-shaped volumes organize the private enclosed spaces of the home.


Each “T” joins adjacent spaces within the residence, such as closets with full bathrooms for the bedrooms, and a powder room with storage cabinets for the kitchen for the dining area.


The plan of the home is articulated by a series of “T”s that define both the soft and hard spaces between them.


The sectional organization of the home uses the raumplan to negotiate the slope of the site. Residents will ascend and descend within the home.


The cantilevered roof is structurally supported by the Storage Ts.


The Storage Ts - sprinkled throughout the house - serve as room partitions to create a variety of niche spaces to be used both individually and collectively.