Towers within a Tower is a new tower typology that utilizes verticality to the benefit of the community.


Towers within a Tower stacks the individual rooms of an apartment unit rather than aggregating the rooms horizontally. Each apartment unit becomes its own individual tower.


The vertical apartment units then aggregate around a central core.


Three housing types satisfy the needs of three types of users: a studio unit, a one-bedroom unit, and a family unit. Each tower unit is unique in its proportion, organization, and color.


As the rooms shrink in size with each ascending level of a tower unit, balconies are formed between the units to provide views and access to light and air.


Besides serving as a functional circulation core, the shared space between the individual tower units fosters a sense of community within a highly dense living environment.


The units are clad in a ceramic tile with a soft color palette, typical to the residential context of Hong Kong.


The interior of each tower unit functionally articulates each room.


Each level of a tower unit has a unique view of Hong Kong and connection to the shared community spaces of the apartment tower.


Tower units aggregate together to create neighborhood blocks surrounding a shared core. These blocks stack vertically, making this a highly adaptable system into various site conditions within Hong Kong.


This system of aggregation can be used as urban residential infill between existing apartment towers.


Or, the tower units can form a low-rise community.


Not least, the tower units can adapt to various topographical site conditions.